UCU Strike: The Student Voice

First speaker: Gabriela Margarita, 3rd year student in support of the UCU Strike. Second speaker: Aaron Marketis. 1st year Psychology student in support of the UCU Strike, and also petitioning for the compensation of the tuition fees.


Campaign for women’s only swimming sessions

Campaigners will be back at the earliest given opportunity before they can tackle the issue for women’s only swimming sessions at Colchester Leisure World (CLW) as snow stopped them on Sunday the 10th December. CLW is known for their facilities such as the gym, courts, pitches, and their swimming pools for the public. With this... Continue Reading →

The Asian Continental Course Convention

Today’s Asian students have much more freedom of choice than their predecessors in choosing their course of study at university- mainly because they are no longer under the looming parental pressure upon their shoulders. Up till thirty years ago, anyone preparing to select their university degree would have been undoubtedly pushed towards a degree in... Continue Reading →

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