Reforming home, away from home: overseas voting in Malaysia’s General Election

It was a race against time when overseas Malaysian voters had barely a day to get their ballots back in time- most could not have done so if not for casual couriers awaiting at Heathrow Airport. On 9th May 2018, Malaysia held its 14th General Election (GE14) which would determine the country’s Parliament for the... Continue Reading →


Derby Day’s Actual Ballet Winners: UEA or Essex?

On the 25th of April, sports teams of University of Essex and University of East Anglia butted heads once again in the annual Derby Day. It is the biggest sports event with around 60 matches happening in one day. The aim: to beat the opposing team and contribute a point to the overall score where... Continue Reading →

The Asian Continental Course Convention

Today’s Asian students have much more freedom of choice than their predecessors in choosing their course of study at university- mainly because they are no longer under the looming parental pressure upon their shoulders. Up till thirty years ago, anyone preparing to select their university degree would have been undoubtedly pushed towards a degree in... Continue Reading →

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